Fundación Biodiversidad

Design to make the invisible, visible
  • Brand design
  • Digital product design

Preserving biodiversity is no longer an option. Time is running out, and we need to make the invisible visible: the urgency and seriousness of the environmental problem.

Under this premise, the Biodiversity Foundation needed a more robust brand to define its new role. It also needed a visual design system to support a new narrative with a straightforward, informative approach and encourage to take action now. We began with an ethnographic investigation to analyze the scope of biodiversity in society and the problems it faces so we could uncover findings that will help us develop the design.

Strategic approach

To visually reveal a significant problem and support the narrative: we show how urgent it is to protect biodiversity through a visual game (images + data). We use photographs and a comparison of positive and negative scientific data.

Make the invisible visible to protect our biodiversity

Visual diversity

We support the narrative with three simple elements: a recognizable colour palette, the use of the rectangle, and compelling cinematography. This is how we developed the entire digital part of the Fundación Biodiversidad. The colours help us generate content categories, and the photos show the importance and scope of the foundation.



Design system

The design system was an opportunity to present the importance of biodiversity itself. On the one hand, colours are connected to the planet. On the other, more vibrant colours give the human part of biodiversity. To integrate the foundation, we use the rectangular shape of its wordmark, the main element supporting the development of the entire system, together with the colours.




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