02.04.22 | 10 mins

The Future of Telecom

How many times have you thought about how the world is changing?
By Miguel Gómez, Nacho Rodríguez, Vicente Ocaña

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The new generation of services is highly sophisticated, and they constantly learn and evolve, almost as if they were alive. They are transforming and improving our way of life. They will eliminate daily tasks, offering services that learn and surprise us. They will be physically close to us and embedded in our routines. In the coming years, sensors, cloud services, intelligent connected devices (IoT), augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digital identity, and cybersecurity, among others, will be combined to offer a new range of connected intelligence. A revolution in the ability of Telecommunications brands and companies to provide new, relevant digital services, which are increasingly essential for consumers.

Connected Homes and Businesses

Design new and more straightforward ways of living day to day at home, leaving time for more productive or enjoyable activities. Innovations in workforce management and end-to-end connectivity offer new possibilities for digital services in state-of-the-art smart buildings and decentralized gyms.


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The new mobility

The new generation of services will radically transform the driving experience, making journeys more productive.

Cloud services

An exponential acceleration in the supply of cloud services is crucial in improving people’s experience in the physical and digital environment.

One brand, infinite experiences

As a key player in the digitization process, telco companies have an excellent opportunity to become the digital partner par excellence, focusing on channel management that can redistribute resources to meet customers’ liquid (moving) expectations. The possibility to evolve your business models is in your hands. To take them from dump pipes to intelligent services and provide a total connection with a vertical and horizontal range of digital services and fully integrated products. They can also combine third-party integration, expanding their portfolio of services from a core set to a broad ecosystem of partners.

To differentiate the brand from the competition, telecom companies must operate in the culture, experiences and relationships with the new Phygital mindset, creating hybrid experiences that cross the border between the physical and the digital.

Everything is going digital!: from customers to competitors, through channels and content. This has opened the doors to how consumers can experience brands. They can take advantage of low cost and digital technologies to access services and experiences that were previously too exclusive or expensive.

Digital transformation necessitates enhancing the physical experience, translating into new forms of interaction that drive hybrid experiences and overcome the dichotomy between the material and the digital. Our bodies, gestures and voice will become the interface of the future in a new world full of possibilities that are increasingly closer to a hyperconnected way of life.


“Bosphorus: Data Sculpture” by Refik Anadol

How many times have you thought about how the world is changing?

Faced with the agility and adaptability of new protagonists, such as over the top (OTT) companies, telco companies suffer from a lack of dynamism due to their legacy as a conventional model. It is vital to overcome the most rigid barriers to facilitate collaboration, using data-driven insights to accelerate work processes to launch new products and services.

The future telco must develop a much more agile, collaborative and design-oriented organizational model, embracing the BETA mentality in an environment of uncertainty and constant change. At Zapiens, we present a vision beyond its traditional service networks, associating it with new digital hubs. It is necessary to evolve from the obsolete voice and data service providers model to a diverse approach. This must integrate the new generation of adjacent services, adding value to the current network and entertainment services.

Enabling a culture of innovation and disruptive thinking within a company and creating the necessary environment to adopt new models and emerging services faster is essential. Creating spin-offs or satellite business units with a lean-agile mindset is also critical. Operations in startup models will avoid unnecessary risks in decision making. Transformation must be understood as a continuous process, taking advantage of human data to iterate on processes and correcting errors to improve and move forward —a complex approach to adapt to when dealing with large ALFA companies.


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Customer (CX) and employee (EX) experience design. Recognize and personalize.

The success of any organization lies in having committed employees and loyal customers. It is necessary to think of people in each activity carried out, understanding and satisfying their needs. We must focus on people, making technology work for them. We propose a centaur model with invisible technologies that provide a better experience by putting people ahead of technology.

Using artificial intelligence, we can develop individualized findings for each person. We can create a unique user experience in which the customer feels valued at all times, with a contextualized service offer or by improving work processes. Telcos need to increase investment in analytics platforms and visualization technologies that enable company management teams to understand and react to this type of information.

A brand is the embodiment of a set of ideas and relationships. Companies and brands should create complementary services and experiences beyond the supply of essential products, creating markets for relationships.

To improve the user experience, companies need to create an invisible technology that hides the technical part of the services. Technology companies have a massive opportunity to anticipate and become the trusted digital provider of these associated products.


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Simple, accessible and worry-free technology

Consumers are driving demand for more powerful devices, faster connections and more comprehensive services, not to mention the need for more attractive products and services. It is necessary to accelerate technology adoption in the central vertical markets.

Although people move differently from technology advances, customer expectations continue to rise. Ease of use and simplicity are required. Offering an integrated service that meets all your needs is key to increasing revenue and profitability. For this, a seamless first experience is crucial that configures a new way of connecting with consumers at a cognitive, affective and emotional level. We must facilitate relationships between customers and staff members to offer more personalized service and experiences based on human and machine learning. Artificial intelligence is becoming a partner for people, with an unprecedented impact on their daily lives.

It is about provoking a new citizen experience by creating, through cooperation between multiple interested players, the infrastructure for digital identity and access management (IAM), with blockchain integration necessary for public administration. To do this, we would count on the participation of citizens, public services and private companies.

The adoption of 5G technology will simplify the digital experience and consume new products and services on mobile devices. It is critical to have a broad portfolio of long-term digital services that can be monetized through multiple channels and new business models.

The integration of partners is essential, with a series of services focused on a broader digital ecosystem that establishes reciprocal relationships with the leading players in sectors such as entertainment, health and others.


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Build trust and reward loyalty

Trust is one of the central values ​​that concerns people. The first step to achieve this is to democratize access to technology thanks to the current low price, which opens the door to services and experiences hitherto considered exclusive to new consumers. The second step is to provide secure technology that favours automation and decision-making through data, especially in companies. Ensuring the accuracy of these data is essential. Finally, transparency must be promoted, building and strengthening trust with users by being clear about each product and service’s privacy policies and processes.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, telcos must focus on experiences and relationships. Creating a brand culture that consumers and fans embrace is more valuable than the products and services. As we have already said, a brand is the materialization of a set of ideas and relationships. For this reason, it is necessary to promote services and experiences beyond essential products and build a community as a mechanism for their service instead of as a form of customer loyalty.

Search for secure technology. Autonomous and data-driven decision making is on the rise across all industries. Left unchecked, the potential damage of bad data becomes a vital business threat.

On the other hand, companies need to design tools and capabilities to allow companies and users to ensure the integrity and veracity of the data. It’s also integral to use the power of community platforms to launch new ideas and solicit feedback from an engaged audience. One thing is clear: once customers are aware that their comments help design a new product or improve an existing one, they create a powerful bond with the brand, ownership and promotion.


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