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Aplazame is more than an option to make financed payments. It is the freedom to choose when to make that purchase that will allow you to bring a new idea to life. It is the solution for businesses that want to offer payment facilities and for clients that seek flexibility.

At Zapiens, we immersed ourselves with the Aplazame team to challenge the brand’s foundations and rework its verbal and visual identity accordingly. We redefined the concept and enhanced it with both an image and a message that were attractive for onlookers, always with a desire for change and improvement.



Transparency is the foundation that guides each action. Aplazame places the client at the core of the experience through the use and development of this tool.

The calculator provides instant information on the deferred payment conditions after entering the data in a simple procedure. The simulator offers the possibility of obtaining in seconds the number of installments and corresponding fees, in order to assess different options.


Once the foundations have been thoroughly and methodically designed to establish the main elements, then a durable design system can be implemented. This makes it possible to move forward to the decision-making stage with precision, while dissipating upcoming uncertainties.

The foundations sustain that which already exists, while also allowing us to innovate, design and redesign from a solid base.

We amplified our hybrid vision with iterative sessions to understand and frame the challenges in the BNPL category.

Strategic angle and visual system

We focused on delivering a solid design experience, co-creating with the brand and product design at the same time. Aplazame dissociates from predictability or any customary company behaviour within the sector. It was necessary to reflect and highlight its own features.

Honesty, transparency and flexibility are the signs that are projected to the world, with a powerful and vigorous attitude. And why not say it, with a pinch of rebelliousness.


One team

Aplazame and Zapiens, approaching this process as one team, made it possible to work fluidly and dynamically, weighing up each problem and choosing the most adequate solution.

The transcendence of each message was possible thanks to the connection based on a flexible, transparent and honest attitude. The defined objective is to reach people who conceive purchases from a responsible stand point, while also managing their finances intelligently.



We created a unique style for Aplazame that would allow it to work in an agile and distinguishable way.

The development of an attractive and convincing style made a profound impact and created leverage in the different areas the brand’s presence can reach.


Look & Feel

We made sure that the brand language was adaptable to any context and situation. After all, Aplazame allows and boosts its chances.

Each element, image and text, launched this initial pretense to an impressive and tangible reality.




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