Defining luxury fitness
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Marbella is, above all, luxury and exclusivity. A place that contends to be the centre of the aspirational world and does so at the highest level, in competition with other cities such as Los Angeles, Monaco or Dubai.

That is why we needed a new, different concept with an international projection for a club that is much more than a gym. And elevate that experience by taking inspiration from luxury hotels.

This is how THE I/O was born, the first luxury fitness club in Marbella. With it, we went all the way from strategic design to branding. We co-created the tools to imagine and deliver a phygital experience that transcends the club space and turns into a reality.

Strategic approach

Rethinking the model means abandoning the traditional idea of ​​fitness and accepting the challenge of raising the standard of service. To create a private club away from the solely sports club, in which things happen beyond the conventional, designed for enjoyment, business and health.

Our challenge with THE I/O was to design today the fitness of tomorrow.


Elegant Energy: an elevated, relaxed place, far from the idea of ​​effort, overcoming, victory or suffering. This is how we created a brand in which taking care of yourself takes on a new meaning, which reflects the club’s exclusive spirit and transcends in each space and activity.



THE I/O refers to the input and output, to taking care of yourself both inside and out. To a new starting point every day, but always better. The graphic elements support the idea of ​​movement and continuous improvement.


Digital product

Essential tools to deliver an experience that does not end when you finish training. We complete a phygital ecosystem in which everything is connected: platform, training, goals, coach, physical space, food, routines and agenda.


The Future of Fitness

The aim of this trend analysis is to get an overview of the emerging initiatives and user behaviours or needs related to the fitness world, as well as to obtain references of possible services within these trends that other competitors are integrating in their gyms in order to make better strategic decisions.


Video and art direction

We enlisted creative studio Elephant Pink to help us shape the video and ensure a brand-building result. We leveraged the idea of movement to find the natural and move away from imposed behaviours. We created the storyboards for the videos and art-directed the recording, coordinating a team of 20 people approx.



The different spaces of THE I/O were conceived by Zapiens and the Archidom Studio team. These areas maintain the elegant energy spirit and transmit a consistent brand image that breathes luxury in all its expressions.

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The Aroma Trace

Building olfactory experiences