An Amazon for local products
  • Brand design
  • Digital product design
  • Illustration

Era is a Valencia-based project with an eco-social factor. A cooperative of farmers willing to change traditional distribution and reduce their carbon footprint through a digital platform where producers can sell their products directly to consumers.

The challenge was to change the status quo within the sector through a new model that would eliminate intermediaries and create the first digital community of producers that breaks with the distribution chain. An Amazon for local products.


Strategic approach

What would happen if every local producer came together under the same brand and platform? A platform that provides flexibility, convenience, quality, variety, closeness, sustainability, health, commitment… To achieve this, we accompanied Era in everything, from creating the business plan to the service design, passing through the development of a digital platform with two extremes: producer and final client.

Revalue the role of producers, giving them all the power and maximum visibility.

Digital product

The app reflects the way you buy and consume in Era. A very clean, clear and easy-to-use design that allows you to filter by type of food, producer, recipe and always see the stage of an order. In addition, it encourages responsible consumption by displaying seasonal products, new ones and those that are going to perish soon (which have a discount).


An organic visual: we talk about the land, harvest, and reaping. We look for shapes that represent what the countryside and food are, not geometric or perfect shapes. In nature, perfection is not on the outside but on the inside with incredible smells and flavours. A system of stains in which there is no equal, with natural colours reminiscent of food, the land, the sea or the seasons.


We based the brand on going back to basics, looking for the roots. We wanted to play with the meaning of threshing floor in agriculture, those small squares of land where vegetables are cultivated. We also wanted to usher in a new era in production. A revolution that bypasses conventional distribution models to sell directly.



We needed to convey authenticity, simplicity, roots, and closeness. Freehand sketches bring us closer to these concepts and take us to something more alive, organic, which does not happen in industrialized places, but where people are the protagonists.


Look & Feel

To move Era beyond the digital product, materials maintain the sustainable spirit. Products ship in recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable packaging. Of course, we encourage the use of cloth bags for purchases with undyed organic cotton totes.




The territory for digital nomads