The territory for digital nomads
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Now that we can work from anywhere in the world, why don’t we just take our laptops and spend several months on the other side of the globe? Technology is freedom, and this is how digital nomads have emerged- professionals who travel and work from anywhere in the world.

Nomade is a conversational assistant designed for those digital nomads, making them feel at home in no time. It relays on three factors: immerse them in the cities they arrive in from the first moment, find a balance between personal life and work, and take care of the planet.

A transversal accompaniment to develop brand, strategy and digital product.


Strategic approach

What do you need when you first arrive in a new place? That can be a long list. Theapp allows you to search for accommodation and flights, and it has a calendar for planning. In addition, users have access to unforgettable experiences at super competitive prices, they can meet local people safely thanks to a reputation system,and take care of the planet while living an incredible adventure since the commissions of the platform go to NGOs.

Uncover incredible places, meet extraordinary people and take care of the planet. That's Nomade.


Chatbots make it easy to find information while giving back a more human feel. For that reason, we decided that Nomade should be one. The app uses NLP (natural language processing), and it’s trained before and during its activity to recognize language patterns and respond with a repertoire of messages that are in line with the values ​​and voice of the brand.

Naming and brand

Nomade = Nomad + made, which refers to that nomadic spirit that is resurfacing at the time and the fact of achieving milestones. We always seek to reflect the brand’s values and adapt them through the brand voice. An example is associating colours with experiences so that they are visually recognizable.

Cross support

We established a transversal strategy of ongoing support. Extensive research, user experience and UI, customer experience, quality control and service design: creating or adapting functionalities to respond to business objectives in any communication channel.




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