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Today, everything can be measured. Data is an accurate record of reality. But raw data says nothing. It needs to be given a purpose to turn it into tangential insights for better decision making.

This was the starting point for Highlights, an app that tracks grassroots players and youth teams. Based on its own data, the aim is to improve the sporting performance of these girls and boys with a view to help them achieve their dream: to become the best players they can be.


Strategic approach

To give meaning to a large collection of data, it is necessary to understand how it is useful to users. Therefore, we delve into the needs of coaches and players to understand which statistics are most relevant and how to give them context so that the information displayed is of real worth. The value of this data is the core of the application, in which the visualisation of this data is the most valuable contribution at the design level.


The technology

The data collection for Highlights is done by cameras that are installed in different towers on the fields. These cameras track the players and collect a multitude of raw data during the match. Via an API, this data is fed into the app. What is then displayed is a contextualised selection of this data with which the comparisons and tracking we were talking about can be carried out.


Visual concept

The role of Highlights is to detect the brilliance of the players, both on and off the field. This idea is the foundation of the brand proposal, the logo being the best example. With the initial H in the name, an eye is created. Sight is the sense with which this brightness is perceived. In the same way, the eye can also be the center of the field, where the matches start, and the best representation of the players’ most vital moments.



The choice of colours is focused on emphasising that idea of each player’s standout moments or characteristics, their shining moments. In a completely visual way, we enhance this glowing form by combining the dark, sober blue with a lime that leans towards fluorescent. A colour that also serves to highlight the data on the interface.


Numbers are a fundamental element: we talk about times, distances, shots on goal, percentages. After all, they are the tangential representation of the data. For their design we looked at classic football shirt designs, something that adds character and deliberately contrasts with the overall look and feel, which is more minimalist in style.

How to help girls and boys become the best players they can be through their own actions.

Look & feel

The elements together form a robust and recognisable layout system, and we can sometimes use our symbol as a visual resource in our communications.



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