Iberia Icon

Projecting an iconic lifestyle
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Fintechs were the first companies to revolutionize traditional banking. Still, the real disruption came with the entry of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) on the payment market. Iberia needed a card that projected the lifestyle of its users: avant-garde, travellers, cosmopolitans. A unique product, an icon that did not follow the rules and evolved. Purchases, Avios, travel and technology constantly moving around the brand.


Strategic approach

What if we created a vibrant environment that could connect the emotion of travel with the rationale at the moment of payment? Customising the Icon experience is essential so that the customer does not feel just like an account number. It also adds different services around the payment process.

The key is to connect emotionally and rationally in a simple way.

Mobile payment experience

Created to offer the best financial experience, the Iberia Cards app is straightforward, takes care of every step of the process and simplifies interactions. In addition, it adds an emotional layer by allowing a very graphic visualization of the equivalence between purchases and Avios, always keeping in mind a multitude of destinations.


New digital channel

We changed the focus from marketing to the user: “I think of travel, I think of Avios”. Thus, we invert the argument by speaking first about the advantages and second about the product as a facilitator. We designed the user flow and the mental model of clients to eliminate fears around our financial product so we could project the emotional benefit of the trip as an incentive.


Brand platform

The legacy of people on each trip, biometric data tracking and Iberia’s potential as a company assemble the basis of the visual universe developed. Iberia Icon is much more than a simple card. It is a new generation of financial services.


Physical card

We conceived a dynamic portfolio of cards with a physical design that can also be adapted to the digital environment (mobile wallets, smartwatches and other devices).



How to present the service simply and elegantly? In redesigning the experience, we found many advantages were being communicated in different ways. We have unified the message to consistently share all the benefits.



An Amazon for local products