A language that breaks down barriers
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As it is often said, language is what makes us human. Thanks to it, we shape how we think, develop as people, and relate to others. Language brings us closer to our family and friends, so it is vital to design forms of access to language adapted to everyone.

Signary is an app that easily teaches sign language based on the Spanish version. Also, it’s designed as a tool so that people with different abilities and their friends and family have a means of support to communicate better. An exciting challenge aimed at achieving a more inclusive and open society.

A project for the Fundación Mauricio Garrigou.

Strategic approach

Strategic approach Signary is an educational tool that teaches how to perform and “sign” the gestures of more than 1,000 words through videos. Designed to democratize access to sign language, it also works as a tool for people with different abilities to have a support channel to communicate better.



Signary is formed by the words Sign and Dictionary, a recognisable, stimulating and universal meaning beyond the words that compose it.

Digital product

We devised a simple and intuitive interaction designed for different ages, abilities or uses (teaching, communication, etc.).

We democratise the learning of sign language.

Visual expression

Creating something inclusive is about making it simple. That is why we chose a comprehensive, optimistic and fun colour palette, a readable, friendly and lively font. Along with all this, we developed a glossary of pictograms.



A picture paints a thousand words: the videos teach how to sign every word by bringing the user’s attention to the gestures and a coloured background associated with each word’s category.



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