The Aroma Trace

Building olfactory experiences
  • Brand consultancy
  • Concept design
  • Digital product design
  • Foundations
  • Illustration

The Aroma Trace has been a world leader in olfactory marketing since 2006. With a global presence in over 40 countries, it has become a trusted name in the industry, transforming spaces and creating memorable experiences through the power of fragrances.

Our challenge is to project the ambition and identity of the company as a premium brand, conveying emotions through aromas in digital environments, while serving as a conversion tool to capture leads and increase awareness.

From reminiscences to olfactory memory

The memory of aromas and scents is much more intense and long-lasting than images or sounds. We possess our own and common olfactory heritage that we have unconsciously accumulated over the years. Upon perceiving a particular aroma again, even many years later, the associated memory is activated. This premise, developed by Trygg Engen in his thesis “Odor Sensation and Memory”, defines the starting point of The Aroma Trace’s new visual universe.

In this case, we create an evolving visual universe, starting from fleeting and undefined images to clear moments filled with details, color, and emotion. From reminiscences to clear memories, thanks to the activation of our sense of smell.


Digital ecosystem, towards a phygital experience

Our goal is to enhance platform conversion rates. To achieve this, we must recognize that we operate in a corporate environment where our aim is not only to capture the interest of corporate decision-makers but also to create an experience that fosters curiosity, prompting users to schedule a trial session and establish a connection with The Aroma Trace.

We seek to replicate the enchantment customers feel during an in-person demonstration in the digital realm. This effort is grounded in the principle of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), where at every step within the tool, users discover new interactions, content, and animations that enrich their experience and encourage them to continue.


Colour psychology, a journey through emotions

Colour psychology explores how colours influence emotions. For instance, red can evoke passion or urgency, blue conveys calmness and trust, while yellow can generate joy and energy. The precise choice of color can impact the perception of a brand, product, or environment. At The Aroma Trace, we’ve developed a chromatic model linking industries with emotions or moods. This, along with our photographic style, typography, and illustrations, creates a deeply emotive experience.




A language that breaks down barriers