A new, 100% natural category
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Lence is one of the largest dairy companies in Galicia, committed to its territory and its livestock. Their immediate challenge is to embrace consumption methods capable of reducing the impact on the environment. Under this premise, a unique opportunity arises: to design a new, 100% natural product that defines a new category, from which to lead a change alongside a collective seeking to break away from conventional consumption patterns.

Thus, YOOY is born in an extremely competitive landscape filled with highly processed vegan foods, such as natural beverages. Together, we embarked on a long journey that began with the creation of its category and went through the definition of the brand and the design of every single touchpoint of YOOY.


From conventional consumption to nutricosmetics with lactoserum

YOOY is pure daily consumption attitude in a 33cl bottle. It is composed of 99% cow whey and 1% natural extracts. Moreover, you won’t find added fats, added sugars, added sodium, lactose, or gluten. If we also consider the presence of manganese, a substance that helps regenerate bone connective tissue, isotonic properties and the ability to facilitate the assimilation of nutrients in our organism, the choice of “Lactoserum” as a descriptor for its category requires little further explanation.


More than a brand, a lifestyle

YOOY is designed to take care of you and your environment. Under the concept of “Organic Health,” a brand is born that is designed to combat the hustle and bustle of everyday life or for those moments when you want to avoid alcohol, caffeine or sugar, but not your friends.

Its name is a contraction of YO + JOY, representing self-centered joy, inviting us to explore our inner world and enjoy it personally. In addition, it can be read the same way in both directions, highlighting the symbiotic cycle formed between the individual and their environment.


We designed everything to create a unique experience

In the definition, we relied on the design of futures to ensure our lasting presence in an extremely competitive world. If we add to this a visual identity based on the iconicity of the works of artist Takashi Murakami, the definition of immersive relationship models in terms of digital product, and a communication strategy focused on creating a social movement capable of transcending borders, we obtain a coherent, solid, and above all, impactful result in all its facets.


A multidisciplinary team

To ensure the result, we turned to three major design companies: Clint is Good, to help us give motion to the brand; Program, an expert team in digital product development; and Teteerck, for the definition of 3D models.


Beyond the world of healthy beverages

Our evolutive thinking goes further, projecting new consumption uses, such as a new line for pregnancy or products for children that help reduce the problem of childhood obesity. For example, a line of natural sweets printed using 3D technology.




Shopping with purpose