12.03.22 | 4 mins

Radical Ventures

A Design Kit to get projects off the ground.
By Marta Badía, Nicolás Taberner, Toni León

There are plenty of ideas in the market, yet turning them into something tangible is difficult. It’s a challenge to get funding when beginning a project from scratch, which is why many startups kick off the journey thanks to what we label “Friends, family and fools”, basically people with a predisposition to invest in you because they trust your idea, and mainly because they love you. But what comes after?


Private Equity is an investment model for companies that aren’t listed in the stock market yet. It’s a long-term investment with an aim to improve efficiency and stimulate growth. And at Zapiens, because of our restless nature, we are always looking to explore new paths. That’s why we have a collaboration model which allows us to stop being suppliers and become smart investors, and to promote those projects that touch our hearts.

How? Through a mixed partnership: Work x Shares. In other words, we propose a financial retribution for studio work in exchange for x amount of company shares.

The moment we join a company, we make the product ours, putting forth our expertise and cross virtues to create a Design Kit that allows a development boost. The objective is to reach a Seed Round. The Design Kit adapts to the timing requirements of each project; from developing a financial model, to product design, brand, service and an investment deck. Project growth is our focus.

Let’s talk about cases to explain it better.


The Era project was founded in Valencia, with the ambition to become the best service in the world in connecting producers and consumers that share a disposition to change the traditional distribution and reduce their carbon footprint. How? By creating an Amazon of high quality local and fresh products through a digital platform where producers connect to exhibit and sell their products directly to the consumer.

We had faith in the Era project because of its eco-social stand: it promotes seasonal, local and responsible consumption, while also reducing the carbon footprint.


Brand overview and visual system created for Era

From there on, we accompanied Era on all grounds. We interviewed producers and consumers, and created a perfect journey for producers and another one for clients. We designed the business model, the branding (verbal and visual identity) to boost the product value, and last but not least, we mapped a two-ended platform for the producer that wants to sell, and the consumer that wants to purchase.


Main screens of the Era platform

We stress that our work doesn’t end with the MVP, rather the opposite: the deliverable is only the beginning. When the iteration phase begins, the business evolves: menus, nutrition plans, automated purchases and the creation of new services through alliances between producers.


Nomade is an app to discover the world with a solidary heart. It’s a project we fell in love with since we, in a way, have a nomad spirit; there is no need to be at an exact location to work, we can do it anywhere, which is why Zapiens is also present in Germany and France.

Yet it’s not always easy to jump into an adventure; a new place requires time to feel at home. Nomade simplifies this sensation, allowing you to settle anywhere quicker: an app that helps you discover a city, book flights, lodging and even establish a social-friend network; it represents a strong social bond by investing a fraction of the income to stimulate the local economy.


Brand overview and visual system created for Nomade

How do we get involved? By accompanying Nomade Nomade in its brand creation (its first brand name), strategy and digital product. We wanted to elevate this with a virtual assistant that we defined through a bespoke conversational design adapted to the needs and benefits of the project.


Screens overview of the Nomade app

Do you need a Design Kit?

Studios like ours are always searching for interesting projects to invest in through equity. Why? Because it allows us to diversify our services and manage an innovative portfolio, which we find most exciting.

If you think this model fits with your project, contact us! We will be delighted to learn about it and study together the possibilities on how to turn it into the next unicorn.


Design Sprint: New generation products

The Design Sprint is a method that allows from ideation to prototyping and testing a product in less than a week.